Mt. Olympus - Konahuanui K2 - Nu'uanu - Judd Point

Some serious climbing on the Ko'olau mountain range
DATE: 27 June, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 10 hrs
PARTICIPANTS: “Loafer” Mike, “Reef Shoes” Jason, “Hangover” Lynnale, “The Optimist” Jeremy, “Rambo” J, “Gravity” Jo, “The Beast” Justynne, Me

The plan was simple. Walk up Mt. Olympus, traverse the Ko'olau Summit Trail to Konahuanui’s K2 summit (continuing to K1 if time permitted), and walk down the back leeward ridge to the Pauoa Flats and Nu’uanu trails, ending at Jackass Ginger. Mission completed, but what an okole buster!

Left to right: "Loafer" Mike, "Rambo" Jeremy, Me, "Hangover" Lynnale, "The Beast" Justynne, "The Optimist" Jeremy, "Gravity" Jo, "Reef Shoes" Jason

Waikiki from the Mt. Olympus trail
It took 4.5 hours to traverse 1.6 miles along the KST alone!!! The trail was so overgrown and steep, and Jeremy’s phone kept making quacking sounds the whole way as he snapped pictures. All things considered, the trail wasn’t overly hard, but there were areas we had to negotiate carefully and the rope we installed in some sections made some things a little easier. I was really looking forward to that 1.6 miles along the KST for the challenge, and it was just as brutal as expected, an endurance test for the ages. The only reason I would do this entire route again is to see how fast I can do it, but it would take a lot for me to consider it. Yes, if you’re a super hot chick and willing, I may think about it.

Warily walking along the Ko'olau Summit Trail from Mt. Olympus

Manamana has nothing on this part of the hike

Jeremy and Mike, carefully inching towards cloud covered Konahuanui
Konahuanui consists of twin summits, known as K1 and K2, and is the highest point on the Ko’olau Mountain Range (3150ft). With time being a factor and Jo hurt from a fall (sorry Jo), we decided to skip K1. The name Konahuanui roughly translates to ‘Large Fat Testicles’ so I appropriated the names Left Nut and Right Nut for K1 and K2. Legend has it that some ancient giant threw his balls at some girl he was chasing and it landed and formed the summits. My question is what good is getting the girl if he threw away his balls? My guess is homeboy ended up not getting the girl and losing his balls anyway. Sucka. As for now, I’m content with trampling all over his right nut. Not really too keen on returning to complete the neutering procedure.

Up Mt. Olympus with Diamondhead Crater in the distance

One by one, making our way across the rock dike

Taking a break at this wide portion as Jeremy's phone 'quacks' away

Signing the guestbook on K2

Walking back to civilization

On the Nu'uanu trail

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