Makapu'u Lighthouse

A black gate marks the beginning of the "trail"
DATE: 7 June, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 30 min

After my unexpectedly brutal excursion up to La'ie Summit last weekend, I decided to tone it down with two of the gayest 'hikes' on the island; Makapu'u Lighthouse and Diamondhead Crater. To make things interesting, I decided to run instead of hike. Throwing on my running shoes and ditching my usual hike-pack, I took off up the paved road to the top. No water, just my camera.

Koko Crater, an imposing landmark in the distance

The paved road continues all the way, pretty much disqualifying this one as a hike
Wow. I was totally surprised to find that I loved running this route. For sure, it was all uphill, but the coastline views helped me keep my mind off of the pain shooting up my almost healed MCL. I would recommend doing this route during whale migration season, which coincidentally coincides with hurricane season. The view of the ocean is probably one of the best, but sunscreen is a must if you’re the type to catch on fire from sun exposure.

Can only be seen during whale migration season which is coincidentally, hurricane season

Makapu'u and Waimanalo beaches, and Makapu'u ridge, the southern gateway to the Ko'olau Mountain range
The lighthouse is off limits, which sucks because I had the wrong idea that one could climb to the top of that thing. It’s okay though. Seen one and you'd seen them all. Still, the views were breathtaking.

For a hike, this is totally gay, but for an uphill jaunt, it is absolutely fantastic.

Ironically, the lighthouse has steered WW2 planes into the coastal cliffs

The gate that blocks access to the lighthouse

Sightseers gaze at the open sea from the lookout

One more look at the ocean to my left as I run back to my car

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