Waimano Pools

Rope swinging into the pool
DATE: 12 June, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 2.5 hrs
PARTICIPANTS: "Mellow" Morgan, "Hangover" Lynnale, "Reef Shoes" Jason, "Loafer" Mike, "Sunburn" Samantha, the other Mike, and me

This hike completes waterfall week, and it wasn't a bad choice. There wasn't much of a waterfall per se, but the pool was deep enough to jump into from the top ledge, and the rope swing added some variety. I bet the water flow has to be pretty sick during the rainy months though.

Left to right: "Mellow" Morgan, Me, "Hangover" Lynnale, "Reef Shoes" Jason, "Loafer" Mike, "Sunburn" Samantha, The Other Mike

Making our way down the hill we have to climb later
Getting there pretty much consisted of going steeply downhill the whole way, making it easy. Of course, as everything has a ying and yang, after your refreshing dip in the pools you're treated to a mile and half of steep uphill, known as Cardiac Hill. Many hills claim this title, and this one can win the mini title. It’s a ball-buster for sure.

The beginning of the trail is so misleading about what would come later

End of shade, start of suck

Mini Cardiac Hill; 1/4 mile of BS

Water trickles down into the upper pool

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