Diamondhead Crater

Spiral staircase near the summit
DATE: 7 June, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 45 min

I ran this one right after Makapu'u Lighthouse to complete "Useless Hike Day." While Makapu'u surprised me, this one was as gay as it gets. I opted to park at the community college to avoid paying the atrocious $5 parking fee and run up from there. As my luck would have it, I had to freaking run back when I found out it cost me a buck just to get in. Not a good start in my hiking book.

Tunnel built to provide direct access to the crater floor

You'll see a lot of this on the way up
There were some interesting parts of the run, but it's more of a thing you bring your grandparents to see. Since I’m down to only one grandparent and she hates the hot sun, I probably won't be returning to this one ... unless Rachel Leigh Cook herself in skimpy lingerie begged me to take her up there. Oh, do I love Rachel Leigh Cook ...

Stairs add 'some' diversity

Lone pillbox not occupied as far as I can tell
There’s nothing to say about this one. Extremely touristy (if that's even a word) and super easy. Boring even. Good views of Waikiki. Great for postcard pictures. On the other hand, the crater rim looks reeeaaaaaallllly juicy, but most of it is on restricted federal land. Most of the pillboxes are actually occupied by armed guards for seemingly no logical reason whatsoever. Possibly to keep super awesome people like me out. Bummer.

Looking back at the summit overlook from the pillbox

Here's your postcard picture. Print and mail

Looking inland toward surburbia and the mighty Ko'olau in the background

Rock tunnel carved into the crater wall

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