Manoa Falls

Water down to a trickle in the hot months
DATE: 9 June, 2010

As with most waterfalls in the ‘summer,’ this one was down to a trickle and the water was stagnant. There were landslide warning signs posted around the pool, but since they weren't meant for me, heh, I climbed over the chains to take closer pictures of the falls.

Gazing up into green canopy

Yes, this is what most of the trail looks like
For those who want to avoid the $5 parking fee at the trailhead, you can park by the street outside Paradise Park. It adds about an eighth of a mile to your walk (ooooh), but come on people, I’ve seen people do this walk in heels. The trail is mostly flat anyway, albeit muddy, and there is barely any elevation gain.

Constant rain keeps the terrain pretty moist

Large tree roots line parts of the trail making great benches on this 'strenuous' hike
Right before the falls, you may take a left on ‘Aihualama-‘Ohi’a trail which takes you up to the summit of Tantalus, and connects with a series of trails known as the Tantilizer. That would be the only reason for me to make a return trip here ... unless of course, as with all my outings with low rehike values, a super hot chick in a revealing outfit begged me to take her. To the waterfall, you gutter minded people.

Constant flow refreshes the pool at the base

Bamboo trees fight for sunlight

Wooden walkways help make this easy hike even easier

Colors of nature

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