Stairway to Heaven - Middle Ridge 2

Search for Nirvana continues beyond the first platform
DATE: 20 June, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 6.5 hrs
PARTICIPANTS: The other Mike, “Paparazzi” Giovanni, “Sigmund Freud” Jenn, "The Optimist" Jeremy, "Reef Shoes" Jason, "Loafer" Mike, Me

I love this hike. This time around, the stairs didn't seem to take too long. My total stair time was around 60 minutes because Jeremy was on my ass which made me think everyone else was too. Unlike the last time, I was actually able to enjoy the view during ascent.  I was waayyy too freaked out to let go of the rails before.

(Standing) Left to right: The Other Mike, "Paparazzi" Giovanni, "Sigmund Freud" Jenn, "The Optimist" Jeremy, "Reef Shoes" Jason
(Sitting) Left to right: Me, "Loafer" Mike

Morning sun rises above Kaneohe Bay
We spent some time at the top inhaling second-hand pot. A group of people were up there since 0500 that morning toting it up big time. Atop the Ko'olau Summit Trail, the wind was blowing hard enough to add to the excitement of a possible fall down the steep sides.

I'm sorry man, but your girlfriend is HOT!

Stairs disappear into the clouds as we press on
The gang gave me a 10 minute head-start so I could lay some rope for the steep descent down the Middle Ridge. We didn't really need it because I remember there being no rope at all the first time I did this, but with the combination of strong winds, slick mud, and inexperienced hikers, I figured it would help. But damn! I forgot how far you had to descend! I used almost all of my rope halfway down. Fortunately, the HTMC (I'm assuming) had secured rope the rest of the way. I guess they ran out halfway up as I’m sure they were coming from the other direction. What a stroke of luck.

Carefully making our way down the middle ridge from the clouds

Jason's actually enjoying this hike this time around
Up Stairway, down Middle ridge was an extremely enjoyable experience this time around. A great adventure for anyone looking for a simple, yet rewarding hike. Strong winds + slick mud + steep descents + narrow ridges + possibility of a 2800ft plunge = family hike.

For more on this, refer back to my earlier hike (April 2010).

Down the steep ridge spine

Catching a breather, and their nerves

In Giovanni's words, "This is f###### living dude!"

Into the unknown (Picture courtesy of "Paparazzi" Giovanni)

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