Pu'u Pia

Sweet serinity
DATE: 15 June, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 1.5 hrs
PARTICIPANTS: "Sunburn" Samantha and Me

Well, not much to talk about here. Simple hike and somewhat good view at the top. Probably be better suited for a run, or a hike with a picnic up top. You could very well get better views from just about anywhere else.

"Sunburn" Samantha and me

Gorgeous walk up the gradual incline

Nearing the peak
This one was short, but extremely annoying because of the millions of the tree roots I hate so much and thousands of well-placed rocks. Plus, I was tired and cranky. At the midway point, there is a trail that serves as a shortcut to Mt. Olympus. I recommend not using it because a shortcut on a map is in reality a really really steep climb that would take longer to hike than the usual route.

Apparently, there are bugs on this trail ... or so Samantha says. I was fine. It must be the whole city girl thing. That's funny because I'm from Los Angeles...

Eye candy from the peak

Looking back at the Mt Olympus ridgeline in the background

Trees around the world dumped their damned surplus of roots here

Bugs versus Samantha; Bugs, 461 - Samantha, 0

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