Ka'iwa Ridge

A lone plant, placed upon a pole, looking out towards the Pacific
DATE: 2 June, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 2.5 hrs
PARTICIPANTS: "Sunburn" Samantha and myself

I was accompanied by the lovely Samantha today, who claimed she never gets sun burnt. Sure busted that myth.

"Sunburn" Samantha and me
Also known as the Lanikai Pillboxes hike, I had the strange misconception that this trail ended at the pillboxes. WRONG! The trail connects three ridges, mostly overlooking Lanikai and Bellows beaches. The ridge on the backside descends down to lower Kailua.

Pillbox silently overwatching Lanikai and MCB Kaneohe in the distance

Walking the ridgeline with the mighty Ko'olau in the distance
We walked to the east 'summit,' called it quits, and headed back the way we came. I opted for running shoes for this one and my custom insoles were worth every penny I paid for them. For those interested, this route is ideal for trail-running. Nothing too steep, allowing you to jump around like a six-legged ninja. Unless you really need to see the 'high' point right next to the ocean, hike to the pill boxes and go back. The rest of the trail is a monotonous grind through some BS dry dirt and brush.

BUT, walking to the pillboxes in the moonlight would be an entirely magical experience.  That's how babies are made.

Great view of Lanikai from atop the ridge

I rule

Pillbox overlooking Lanikai

The world is my playground

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