Olomana 2

Rope adds confidence for the climb down the third peak
DATE: 1 August, 2010
PARTICIPANTS: "Reef Shoes" Jason, Me

This is a repeat from before so I can get video footage and also so Jason can stop being a wuss and finish it already.

We actually moved a lot quicker this time, even with a total break time of one hour. It's too bad I didn't bring rope with me for this one because the descent down the backside of the third peak looked extremely tempting. I wasn’t planning on doing it, but as I stood at the end of the third peak, I realized that I had to do this all over again to make the attempt. Crap.

Admire me, people

Second and third peaks; Ko'olau in the distance
As we were going back up the second peak, some idiot coming the other way slipped halfway down and would have killed his brother if he crashed into him. At the same time, about seven people were on our asses and all hanging on the same rope. Not smart, people. Never trust rope that much. I used the rocks as much as I could but like before, I needed to use the rope at some parts, so I was hauling ass to the top in case the rope decided to give way. Not too bad the second time around. Congratulations to Jason. Apparently the ridge wasn’t moving as much this time.

For more on Olomana, refer back to my previous outing (June, 2010).

Rope is overkill on the third peak

On the way back down from the third peak

Back side of the second peak

Seemingly razor thin, the third peak requires much caution

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