Kuli'ou'ou Valley

Canopy overhead
DATE: 7 August, 2010
PARTICIPANTS: “Paparazzi” Giovanni, “The Optimist” Jeremy, “Reef Shoes” Jason, Me

I am swearing off what I call, “maybe waterfalls.” If you came to Oahu looking for an abundance of waterfalls, you’re on the wrong island. Go to Kauai. There are a few here that constantly flow, and even fewer with swimming holes. There are plenty of draws that act as vessels for flowing water, mostly directly off the Ko'olau Mountain Range creating seasonal streams, but you’ll need to be lucky to see them at full force. The ones that constantly flow have some kind of natural reservoir (ie. crater) that retains enough water to keep the pipes filled during dry months. Kuli’ou’ou Valley is not one of them. This is a “maybe waterfall.”

Left to right: "Paparazzi" Giovanni, "The Optimist" Jeremy, "Reef Shoes" Jason, Me

The trail was well marked, but so was the entire valley
There was no waterfall, even with all the heavy rain. Which means there will not be much of a waterfall even during rainy season. That just blows. This hike’s only saving grace is that it’s very short and easy. Stay to the right of the valley going in. There is an overkill of trail tape, leading you everywhere but the right route. Stream crossings are unnecessary on this one so ignore the pink and orange ribbons on the left side of the streambed.

We actually went past our destination to see if we could get lucky. No dice. The walls closed in and we ended staring at a mossy wall. It is possible to go all the way to the base of the Ko'olau, but I just wanted to get some shaved ice. I may check this out again in December, but there are other better options out there to explore. We should have stayed at Jackass Ginger, since we were there earlier. On the flip side, the location is little used, so it’s a great spot for serial killers to hide their victims.

Doing some extra exploration above the 'waterfall'

Interesting what you'll find when you get lost

Wet rock wall awaits any kind of rain

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