Nu'uanu - Judd Point 2

Punchbowl Crater, housing remnants of veterans in a national cemetary
DATE: 7 August, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 3.5 hrs
PARTICIPANTS: “The Inquisitor” Melissa, “Boom” May, “Quiet” Bridgitte, “Photoshop” Donna, “Paparazzi” Giovanni, “Sigmund Freud” Jenn, “FTS Princess” Karen, “Reef Shoes” Jason, Me

Even though this isn’t the easiest outing in comparison to say, the Makapu’u paved road hike (which I rated “gay”), I feel that this is the best beginner’s hike on the island. It gives you just about everything you want without making you work for it. It is mostly shaded, the scenery changes frequently, and it provides first timers with some easy ridge walking experience. Rewards are great, and the effort, minimal. In Jason’s words, this is a “Girly Hike.” I take no responsibility.

Left to right: "The Inquisitor" Melissa, "Boom" May, "Quiet" Bridgitte, "Photoshop" Donna, me, "Paparazzi" Giovanni, "Sigmund Freud" Jenn, "FTS Princess" Karen, "Reef Shoes" Jason

Handling it like a champ
The group today was very unlike what I’m used to. Normally, very few girls dare to join in my hikes. This time, the ratio of girls to guys was three to one! To be fair, I did advertise it as a paradise of a hike, with colors, swimming holes, and cute stuffed animals, so it ended up feeling like a badass night out at Pearl Nightclub. Maybe Jason was right.

Still one of my favorite hikes, I suggest that anyone interested should do this on a sunny day. The bright light has a way of really making colors stand out, making for more dramatic changes in nature’s art gallery. Also a great “date hike,” so now that Jason knows the route, he has a good idea for an outdoor date, when he finally gets the cahones to ask someone resembling a girl out … in the year 2053. Check the weather channel before you go.

For more on Nu’uanu - Judd, refer to my previous outing (June, 2010).

Nu'uanu Valley

Rocky switchbacks

Washing the mud off to end a fantastic hike

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