Kamanaiki 2

Different shades of green
DATE: 13 August, 2010
PARTICIPANTS: “Reef Shoes” Jason, Me

It seems to me that my rehike value CAN be increased for reasons other than hot chicks. Like accidentally leaving over $100 in equipment on the trail. I’ve said all I wanted to say about this trail already (see yesterday’s post), so I won’t run around the damn mango tree.

I wasn’t bullshitting on this day. I wasn’t prepared for Mr. Ulehe and company yesterday so I donned my no shit hiking pants, gloves, long sleeve hiking shirt, and eye protection in order to plow my way through to where I thought I left my stuff, which is unfortunately, about 400 feet to the end of the trail.

It took us only 50 minutes to get there. I win today Mr. Ulehe! I went to the end to check out the view I missed yesterday because of the clouds and ran. It fully sucked, effectively killing any hope of a rehike. To top it off, my gear wasn’t there. So we took our time on the way back (about 2 hours), but no luck. Fuck…

Turned out, it was under my laptop case at my house the whole time.

No clouds today

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  1. OOO! Dat just SUKS!! But glad u found it! Haha..