Pali Puka

Walking along the ridge overlooking Windward Oahu
DATE: August 25, 2010
PARTICIPANTS: “The Optimist” Jeremy, Me

This one was Jeremy’s idea. He wanted to do a hike before he had to work at 1500, and suggested Pali Puka. Since it was so short, I decided to combine both Pali Puka and Pali Notches hike. Both begin at the Pali Lookout.

Pali Puka is an awesome hike. Through and through. It doesn’t bullshit around with a long approach and gets down to climbing as soon as you walk through the bamboo covered “trailhead.” This entrance is pretty cool because you can’t see it unless you’re looking directly at it from the front. Felt like a superhero hideout, or somewhere in a treasure hunt story marking something very very bad. So up we went.

Looking up at our hike ahead
The "trailhead" next to the bus parking lot
The hike is super short with great views, and you get to break for lunch under the massive 200 ft tall monolith of a cliff face while enjoying the breeze and the sights. There’s a pretty neat hole in the rocks (puka) that act as a window into the windward valley, so I did the appropriate thing and mooned the windward communities. No, I didn’t, but it crossed my mind.

Jeremy and the windward window
I’ve heard from somewhere that the hole was manmade and had something to do with the Battle of Nu’uanu, just like the Pali Notches. Many sources say that they mounted cannons at both locations, but there hasn’t been any solid evidence. Regardless, they now provide great lunch spots.

Climbing the super vertical rock face looks daunting, especially without the proper equipment. Legendary Chuck Godek did it decades ago, but he was also insane. Now, climbing up the left side in the trees looks absolutely doable, and would be the most efficient way to gain the ridgeline, which eventually leads to the top of Pu’u Lanihuli. I’ll have to add that to my to do list.

Disneyland for the insane
Wilson Tunnels cut into the mountainside
Clear view of the Pali Lookout
National Geographic worthy, or a Geico commercial reject
Height perspective of the cliff face blocking my access to Lanihuli

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