Water tank graffiti
DATE: 12 August, 2010
PARTICIPANTS: “Stickies” Christine, Me

First of all, Christine is the first hiker to be super prepared for a first hike with me. Long pants, legit hiking boots, and ready to sweat. Then, I found out that she didn’t bring water… You guys are wearing me out man. Awesome lady though, as she kept my mind off the hike with good conversation.

"Stickies" Christine and me
Weirdest looking trailhead I've ever seen
As easy hikes go, this one started off awesome, but ended horribly. My first priority was to look for possible Kangaroo hideouts for the next day, but my motivation disappeared as quickly as Donald Trump’s hairspray about halfway in.

To start off, Kamanaiki reminded me a lot of Palehua, starting off with an easy climb up stairs with not much elevation gain. Views were pretty, plants were colorful, and the trail was well maintained, till a little over halfway. Then the BS started. Overgrown, and with the rainclouds rolling in, effectively flushing down the view, it was just plain crap. My wonderful friend, Ulehe Fern, also decided to show up, bringing with him about a gazillion of his brothers, all wanting to say hello.

Pearl City all the way to Barber's Point
Ulehe fern, eagerly awaiting my arrival
There’s not much to say about this one, other than it’s a one-timer. Up to about halfway, it would be ideal for trail running because of how maintained the trail was to that point. Stop there, don’t go beyond. The views of Kalihi and Likelike aren’t exactly to die for. That’s why you don’t find it in travel guides. If you’re trying to get to the Ko’olau, there are other, better maintained and shorter routes around the area.

I felt bad for Christine, who was one of the original respondents to my hiking group ad. This is the first time she could make it and the hike just wasn’t a good first impression. I’ll have to arrange a super hike for her in the near future.

These pretty flowers are like pretty girls; get too close and they'll cut your heart out
Tree stands alone
Kalihi Valley and the Likelike
Guess how she got the nickname...


  1. Yeah..took me a good frigin half hour to take all that damn stickies off! It was retarded.. I heard to see thoes Wallabies we had to leave at the crack of dawn..uh, yeah..riight. But I still had FUN! Thanks Andrew!

  2. Hi Andrew. I'm CQ's (Christine) friend. The shot of her pants cracks me up!! After looking at your pictures, I think you must be part goat. I would love to catch a glimpse of those wallabies, but I'm clumsy as hell and would probably fall off the cliff trying.

  3. Well, if I ever find those infernal midget kangaroo, I'll post some pictures for all to see lol.