Makapu'u Point

Rock climbing above crashing waves
DATE: 31 July, 2010
TOTAL TIME: 3 hrs... I think
PARTICIPANTS: "Reef Shoes" Jason, "Rambo" Jeremy, "Bloody" Jean, Me

The last time I did this, I only ran up the paved road to the lookout at back. I had no idea what I was missing. Exploring Makapu'u Point has to be one of the most rewarding hikes on island. It's one of those "hiking buffets" where you can pick and choose what you want to make the perfect meal of a hike.

Left to right: "Bloody" Jean, "Rambo" Jeremy, "Reef Shoes" Jason, Me

Empty sands of Makapu'u Beach
Instead of using the paved road, we walked along the left side passing by a bunch of guys doing rappelling training off of a short cliff. The short walk continues up the left side of the hill and ends at the peak with some pillboxes from where you can walk down to the platform overlooking the lighthouse. Although the ‘peak’ was not overly high (647 ft), it provides a commanding view of the ocean, Waimanalo, Sandy Beach, and Kokohead. Great place to see humpback whales during migrating season.

Climb Aloha giving rock climbing lessons

Sentry of history overlooking the ocean

A lone lighthouse guides ships away from treacherous rocks
But what I came here for were the tide pools and the blowholes located on the south side of the hill. You can't see this area from the paved road and the climb down to it was steep but nothing to bark about. You will not regret taking this detour because it is totally worth it. The area was a natural playground for adventurists as you could pretty much make things up as you went along. There were cliffs to climb, a cave used as some kind of bird sanctuary, multiple blowholes, and clear pools you could chill-lax in if you weren't in the mood to do anything crazy. Most importantly, it's away from all those annoying Japanese tourists at the top, all of who seemed to crap their pants when they saw us scaling the rocks above the lighthouse.

Great variety, good views, easy hike. Excellent for a date, a picnic, or your walker leaning grandma. Okay, maybe without the walker, but definitely a good family outing.

Nature's resort, hidden behind the cliffs at Makapu'u

Sharp rocks line the walls of this cliff face

A double blowhole spews seawater

Cave with an ocean view

Jason's finding the best way to scale the cliff

Calm water, bored lighthouse

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