Pu'u Kalena

Rock dike off the main trail
DATE: 2 July, 2010
PARTICIPANTS: "Loafer" Mike, Me

Pu’u Kalena is the second highest peak on Oahu at 3,500 ft. The trailhead is located at the west end of Schofield Barracks so you’ll need someone with base access to do this one. We had ID cards so it wasn’t a problem. ‘Kalena’ roughly translates to ‘Lazy One,’ but don’t take that name literally because it will make you work to reach its peak. It is considered to be dangerous due to the narrow ridges, steep rock scrambles, and multiple rock dikes. Doomsday predictions aside, this hike is relatively short and loads of fun.

Dialing range control ... no one is answering ...

One pissed off looking rock formation
We started this one pretty early because Mike had to make it into work later in the day. I knew that Kalena would be somewhat of a challenge but the morning rain added to it, making the steep climb slow, but nice and slippery. Well, I THOUGHT it was regular morning showers, but it kept on going and going until we reached the top, so the views were non-existent till we were on our way back down.

Rain beats down as we climb uphill

Wet rock ups the challenge a little

Out of this world vegetation at the peak
What a fun hike though! Steep climbs up rock faces began almost immediately and the narrow ridges and rock dikes became narrow slippery ridges and rock dikes, adding some spice to my sadistic funhouse. The peak of Pu’u Kalena looked like freaking Degobah with mossy trees and thick brush. Would’ve been so cool to see Yoda and fly away in an X-wing not stuck in a swamp, but may also suck because the little super midget would have eaten all my snacks. There was this narrow rock dike that veered off the trail about midway through that looked retardedly unsafe, so I finagled my way through some bushes to see what it was all about. Totally neat. A definite stopover for anyone doing this hike.

Overlooking Waianae

Narrow ridges promote heavier alcohol consumption

Not for the weak or faint-hearted

One last look before heading back

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