Maunawili Falls

Maunawili welcomes all species of tourists
DATE: 31 May, 2010
TOTAL TIME: Depends how long you plan to hang out. Trail walk total is about 1 hr round trip
PARTICIPANTS: Many. Today was Corey, Sarah, and myself

I've never actually done any kind of hike when I was buzzing on alcohol and I tell you what, it adds a whole new dimension to hiking! Some of the pictures I took on this one pretty much looked like what I was seeing through my own eyes. Random and out of focus. This is also the first time I've actually taken pictures of the trail itself.

Left to right: Me, Corey, Sarah

A little rock jumping on the way to the final destination
Surprisingly, unlike all the other times I've walked this trail, it was extremely dry. No mud at all. Of course, I usually take the trail without mud anyway. It’s shorter than the usual route and lined with rocks. A short 30 minute hike through the woods ends in a waterfall with about four jump points ranging from 5 ft to 40 ft. Getting to the highest point requires you to climb the rocks next to the main waterfall and also the side of the waterfall above, cross the stream right above that and up a 15 foot incline, then walk over to the edge. Or you could drive up to the old maintenance bridge from the back (I'd love to find out where that starts, fucking cheaters).

Big splash from top ledge

Cool end to a warm hike

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